Cross Canada Mini Memories

In 2018, Peggie was fortunate to have an aligning of her stars in many ways and was able to take a year's sabbatical to pursue her painting and to travel with her trusted partner to many countries in Europe and then on a trans-Canada discovery by RV.  From there, Peggie’s professional development exploded upward.

Peggie remains awed and inspired by the beauty of our world and put together this “Mini Memory” collection featuring scenes from her cross Canada Journey. In August of 2019, she wanted to set a goal for herself of 100 mini memories to be completed for her gallery opening November 30th of that same year. In an effort to paint daily, even if only for a short time, Peggie wanted to use this as an added push to commit to a daily practice.  It was a challenge but she did complete her goal.

Each original image is 4' x 4" on paper