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11 x 14 x 1

Acrylic on canvas

On our road trip through the Kootneys, looking for an adventure I suggested a visit to Sandon, BC. Off the beaten track at least 6km in, on a gravel road, we came across the most delightful find. The abandoned town of Sandon. Now in the throws of preserving its history. complete with Firehall, Museum and to it’s credit, the oldest continuously working hydro electric station in Western Canada. What called to me personally was the addition of at least 2 dozen metro buses there to be restored and taken back eventually to their respective cities across Canada. My childhood buses that I took to school and downtown shopping were among the lot of them. We were able to climb on board, even sit in the driver’s seat. Also in the towns possession was a caboose and several cars from the Canadian Pacific Railway and the old Kenworth I have now painted along with the buses. It was all so interesting and chalked up, in our estimation to be a very special place.

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